Adcom monster amps

Looking at connecting one of the bigger Adcoms to the stereo outputs of my Cambridge 540R Home Theater receiver so I can jam in 2-channel mode. I have a pair of B&W 604 S3s and they obviously need more power when played alone.

Looking at either the 5800/5802 series versus a 565 pair or 585 SE - any thoughts out there? I have also considered the 3-channel 5503 thinking I'd get a much nicer bump with the HT, too, and yet still get what I am looking for with stereo. Again any thoughts would be appreciated, even other brand recs (just hear so much about the value of used Adcom amps when it comes to power). Thanks...
Well Ive owned several adcoms. I had the 565 mono blocks and the newer 5802. The 565 will play louder but the 5802 is more accurate. Take that to the bank.
I have a Adcom 5802 and with it's 300 watts into 8 ohms does a great job for me with a modwright 9.0 Se preamp and a set of Salk HT3 speakers.
The Adcom stuff will play plenty loud but you might want to rethink pairing them with a metal dome tweeter. I would look for an amp with a sweeter signature sound if it were me.

By "accurate," can you be more explicit? In what way are the 565s *less* accurate?

Any other ideas out there on adding 2- or 3-channel amplification to my set-up? Brands, models, etc. Again, I am currently running a Cambridge 540R (80 x 5 or 100 x 2, 2-ch stereo) and have an S3 series set of B&Ws - DM604s and an LCR600. Thanks, again....
Hello I'm not sure what you want to spend. Here's another option. You could go with a module type amplifier. Like the Exodus 400. Go to the second page to see Kevin's prices for each unit. It should give you all the power should ever need. I haven't heard it but do know of an audiophile that uses it in his system..which is very nice! You can always start with two channels and upgrade up to five in the same chassis. Another cool feature is the option of powering the amplifier with batteries if the mood strikes.

That being said I've owned a few Adcoms. The 585SE was my favorite. These amplifiers are getting on the old side though. I would go for something a bit newer.

Good luck
The 565 have a brite Harsh sounding Upper mids/highs. the 5802 is more natural.
One thing to beware of with the Adcom stuff is,the earlier amps GFA 555,565,585 are made in NJ.The newer ones 5800,5802 the newer 555 II are made in Japan.The quality as well as reliability went down hill.This is well documented and is clearly audible.Read the reviews here and at of the ones with the sticker on the back that reads"MADE IN JAPAN"The separate amp will add some slam and dynamics to your rig but be aware, the limiting factor will become the preamp section of your video/home theater reciever.Been there done that!
I've owned two Adcom amps. For two channel, I'd suggest you give some thought to the older McCormacks. Much, much, better sounding overall, and very conservative power ratings. I found the 100 W/channel DNA 0.5 seemed to have much more guts than the 200 w/ channel Adcom 5500 it replaced. I would not pair the 565 with B&W speakers based on my experience.