Adcom Mods by Supermod.

Just wanted to get some thoughts and experiences from anyone that has had Adcom Mods done by Jack Warren at SuperMod. Thanks.
I think you mean Stan Waren. Stan is the real deal, he was the "S" in PS Audio, back in the day. He did a mod on a Monarchy 22B DA converter that I once owned, it was absolutely fantastic and is bested a Forsell Dac (5k) which was tweaked personally by the owner of Forsell. His mods are very very worth while. Regards, Mike
Stan is the best of the best in the mod business (My opinion, along with 20+ others ...that I know ...who faithfully use Stan). He is one of the only mod guys that actually develops and implements his own proprietary gain topologies (he is not a cap and resistor swap guy). Additionally, his prices are rediculously low. Every component that Stan has modified for me has been improved to the point, that I know am very skeptical of other high priced audiophile manufactuers' capabilities. Stan has many customers that can afford virtually any product available, but many have implemented his mods/designs instead. If this guy got back into high end manufacturing, the performance of his products would put alot of his compeditors out of business. Have I said enough?
I can repeat word in word that Ehider stated. Stan Warren is one of the best Audio designers and innovaters in this country. I would add also, that speaking with Stan give me increadible educational experience. I am sending him next Tuesday Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD Player. Important thing is not to push Stan, if product is new he may complitely re-design it (re-desihn as oppose to modify) . As a human being he is extremely nice person, very kind, patient etc. I believe he has hundereds fans in this country, and deservly so. For music lovers (as oppose to "sound lovers" - translation of word "audiophile") with modest income he is the best this country has to offer. Fortunatelly...
Please give me stands address I'm interested in having him mod an old adcom gfa555
I don't have an address, but his phone number is 541.344.3696.