ADCOM HC/E II cartridge mothballed 25 years ago.

I just started getting serious again with vinyl. I have a Dual CS5000 with an ADCOM HC/E II cartridge that I took out of mothballs. It was a purchase from a little know speaker manufacturer in NW Ohio. Spectrum Loudspeaker bought it for a tradeshow in the early-80s. I made use of it for a while and then moved on to CDs. The cartridge was an upgrade over the OEM. Spectrum was extremely particular about using this cartridge for the tradeshow.

My questions concern this combo: How likely are the cartridge and stylus to be in good working condition? Can I expect problematic degradation over the past 25 years of no use? And if they are likely to be in fine working condition should I change the headshell to the VTA pitch adjustment headshell?

I do not know what this cartridge requires for setup.



The plan is to give the ADCOM a try. I may be good enough until I have to find a replacement.4


Lastly, concerning static charge.

I have seen many carbon fiber brushes to sweep away static. Bushes, too for cleaning the grooves.

These items that touch the vinyl surface give me the willies. Can these really protect the record surface without harming the grooves?




How many applications of Renue to the stylus rubber suspension are required and how long before between applications? I waiting on Amazon for this conditioner and Schiit Audio for phono preamp.

Btw. Back in the day, I use D3, then D4 for vinyl surface cleansing. I order the AT product for same. Is there a question of product contamination applied to my old Discwasher brush. Finally, can one clean said brush or replace it periodically?

Yes, do try the cartridge. Set it up correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions re VTF and give it some time for the suspension to relax. Listen keenly for mistracking so that you don’t damage your records. You will most likely be fine until you get something better.  Having said that:

That Adcom cartridge was my first MC cartridge during my early years in this hobby; after owning Shure’s and ADC’s. The Adcom is a high output MC and as I should have expected, based on what I know many years later, it did not live up to the hype that many beginner audiophiles fall victim of: that MC’s must be better than MM’s. Few high output MC’s are better than a good MM. For my tastes, the Adcom was not more satisfying than the Shure’s and ADC’s that I had been using. It projected a large(r) soundstage and had good speed, but it was grainy sounding and surprisingly, for a MC of that period, was somewhat dull sounding.  

Good luck!