ADCOM HC/E II cartridge mothballed 25 years ago.

I just started getting serious again with vinyl. I have a Dual CS5000 with an ADCOM HC/E II cartridge that I took out of mothballs. It was a purchase from a little know speaker manufacturer in NW Ohio. Spectrum Loudspeaker bought it for a tradeshow in the early-80s. I made use of it for a while and then moved on to CDs. The cartridge was an upgrade over the OEM. Spectrum was extremely particular about using this cartridge for the tradeshow.

My questions concern this combo: How likely are the cartridge and stylus to be in good working condition? Can I expect problematic degradation over the past 25 years of no use? And if they are likely to be in fine working condition should I change the headshell to the VTA pitch adjustment headshell?

I do not know what this cartridge requires for setup.


There is no harm in testing the cartridge using recommended VTF, etc. If it appears to work at all, give it many hours of playing time before you judge it. If you own the Cardas test LP, side1 has tracks that are very useful for reviving cartridges. Tracks 2a,b,and c, I think. Truth is you can never know if it’s good as new, you can only judge it as it performs now.

ADCOM was never known for great sounding phono cartridges, thats not their forte'. Time to get a real cartridge for that DUAL :-) Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica, come to my mind real quick.



Matt M



I have the AT stylus cleaner on order.

Back in the day, I used RCA's Discwasher for record care. Still have it. I even have the photon blaster, ZeroStat. I managed to light up my finger with it. LOL

Poking around "Jeff's Place," I found a kinds of vinyl traps and so on. Few are known to me. I figure if AT puts their name on it it may be a good product. The record washers look intriguing but I don't have any ideas about them.

I will order vinyl covers for both sleeves and pressings. are there covers for CD cases?

Thank you for your advice!


I'll look into the MG Chemicals 408C Rubber Renue product.