Adcom GTP-500II Preamp

I recently bought this older preamp without a remote. can't find a replacement remote anywhere. Not even Adcom can help me. If anyone owns one and happens to be in Southern California, would be great to use my learn-remote and program from yours. Anyone have any other ideas what I can do?
Wouldn't any Adcom remote work? My same model TV and VCR from the same company remote work together.

Otherwise I believe I have this model in my system. Might work something out if all else fails and we can work something out...

I have an Adcom GTP-500 which I purchased without a remote on eBay. I was frustrated as I really wanted to control the volume from my easy chair. So having a Directv satellite system I looked in their owner's manual for Adcom access codes to program into my satellite remote. One of the code numbers listed worked. I now have volume control via my satellite remote. Here are the codes in the Directv manual, hope they are of some help. They are (and I forget exactly which one worked for me), 146, 149, 227, and 244. Hope that's of help...