adcom gtp 450 vs. parasound p/sp 1000

Any opinions on sound quality with these two preamps? I like that the Psp1000 has a tone defeat, and some bass filters that could come in handy with a small HSU research sub, and the pre has a subout so i wouldn't have to run the Axiom M22i's left and right front thru a subwoofer. This is partly driven by my recent A/B of Adcom GFA 555 amp and Hafler DH120. I think the Hafler is smoother with better soundstaging, so now I am considering replacing the GTP 450.
Hi, I have an Adcom GTP-600. I bought it cause I wanted
to give this Home Theater thing a try.
It did NOT work for me. Just not my thing I guess.
I went back to a 2 channel pre-amp.