Adcom GFP565/PS Audio 200CX/Vandersteen 2C synergy

Helping a friend jump back into hifi albeit in steps and without breaking the bank.

Would be interested in anyone having experience with a system that has/had the above components. My friend will listen to vinyl and CDs in a 40%-60% ratio. Would be interested in your thoughts regarding these components' synergy. The turntable and CD player are yet to be determined though an Arcam FMJ CD33 is in the running for the CD player. Thanks in advance!
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For whatever reason a NAD S300-S500(silver series) combo made the Vandersteen 3a sound better then several more expensive units during a Vandy demo. What a Vandy needs(my opinion) is an aggressive high speed/wide bandwith amp to knock some of the mud and murk out of the midrange of the 1-2 and 3 models. As for a source I have always liked a softer player Accuphase/Meridian over more lively players Ayre/Esoteric. regardless of the speaker. listened to the Arcam-FMJ 23 many times and found it to be a nice/polite and nonoffensive player, not sure if the 33 is as good. Never been a fan of Adcom(brittle/lean and lack of liquidity)despite the power/price ratio. Vintage PS Audio amps are on another level and should work very well with Vandersteen.