Adcom gfp 750....why so many for sale?

Was the stereophile class a rating a curse? Consistently finding them on audiogon...any thoughts?
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Yes, these used to bounce around eBay all the time, I have not checked these days if anybody is keeping it. I currently have one Adcom amplifier, and one Adcom preamp, that i am keeping and enjoy, among a ton of other brands that I have. I like Adcom gear for the price vs performance ratio.  I tried the GFP 750 in my system, with a variety of amps and speakers. It may be neutral sounding, with low distortion figures, and have the greatest reviews from audio magazines, but it gives a very DRY presentation. I could not live with it, and as it has been said, "many audiophiles prefer some smooth or warm bloom sound characteristic". After experiencing some low budget tube preamps, that never fail to send me above the clouds and lift my spirits, I purchased a few more expensive tube preamps. The difference in the dollar spent is a more quiet soundstage, individual instruments and performers can be picked out of the presentation, etc.  Just my experience, everyone has different ears, you may love it, etc.  Yah, old thread, bla bla bla......but people looking for information are still finding this, as I did.