Adcom gfp 750....why so many for sale?

Was the stereophile class a rating a curse? Consistently finding them on audiogon...any thoughts?
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The Adcom 750 is a fine preamp. It's just a far cry from the best. Still, at it's cheap aftermark prices, I think it is a steal for midfiers with highender aspirations.
" is a steal for midfiers with highender aspirations."
Nice back-hand compliment.
Not a curse at all. The Stereophile blessing moves a lot of product for the manufacturer. That product eventually gets old or out of fashion and ends up on the secondary market. Crack your paper dude, there are a lot more Ford Taurus' or Honda Accords for sale than Ferraris.
Viridian: ...Or not. I'm proud to say none of my my gear is recommended. I even have several issues unread. I used to read it cover to cover and now it just gets in the way of the music. Advertisers will always hold sway over the readers despite what JA would have you believe. Richard Hardesty has some good thoughts on this.

Sorry to hijack the thread. The Adcom is still viable and will do fine for many of us. The pitfalls of passive operation are largely myths, ime. Setup is everything. Happy Ash Wednesday!
They are made by Chinese Elves!
They have evil spirits lurking inside, with bad vibes constantly emanating from them.
They are constantly breaking down.
They make other audiophiles smurk when they see it in your system.
They sound like chopped horsemanure.
They smell.
They look stupid.
They never work properly.
They are made by Chinese Elves with bad breath and who are flatulent.
That is why I use one.
Tripper, shouldn't it be, "Sorry to hijack the thread twice."?
The adcom gfp 750 is a great preamp with no sound flavor. Many audiophiles prefer some smooth or warm bloom sound characteristic.
The question is even when we have wonderful sounding gear, do we have to continue to sell it off and search for the Holy Grail? Nothing wrong with the Adcom, ALOT of them were sold and alot of people searching for the Holy Grail.
Everything becomes available sooner or later.
Elizabeth, You USE a little bad breathed, flatulating Chinese Elf?
Used Adcom stuff is SO inexpensive that if you use any of it (as I do) you should hide it...or buy fake faceplates so people think you have hipper stuff (by "people" I mean audio geeks who, to be fair, are people too). Plenty of reviewers think the amps are "un-musical" or "not quite (fill in the blank) enough". Uh...OK...BUT I use (among other stuff) an Adcom GFP715 preamp that sounds GREAT, and I've owned a bunch of their amps including a 535II and 5300 I still use. Good cables, speakers, and other nice things on both ends of the chain make it all seem to work better of course...and, having been a musician/studio and live sound engineer/audio freak since the mid 60's I've had TONS of other "high end" brands. Although some might have been worth the multiples of $ above the Adcom prices I paid, my Adcom stuff has always been less trouble, and as I said before, if you use good power conditioning, cables, etc., you might save enough to get out and see some music. Maybe I just got lucky and my Adcom gear was built by better paid or more relaxed "Chinese Elves"...but recently a friend who has identical speakers to some of mine came over and noticed my Adcom driven system sounded better than his current VERY expensive carefully set up rig...maybe his ears were never know.
The Adcom GFP 750 was designed when most components provided a maximum of 1.0 volts on their RCA outputs. Most current (2010) components provide a maximum o 2.0 volts, and the Adcom IS NOT as graceful when handling 2.0 volt input levels. Go to PartsExpress and order a pair of 3db RCA inline attenuators and install them between CD/SACD/DVD-A/DVD sources and the GFP-750 RCA inputs.
Yes, these used to bounce around eBay all the time, I have not checked these days if anybody is keeping it. I currently have one Adcom amplifier, and one Adcom preamp, that i am keeping and enjoy, among a ton of other brands that I have. I like Adcom gear for the price vs performance ratio.  I tried the GFP 750 in my system, with a variety of amps and speakers. It may be neutral sounding, with low distortion figures, and have the greatest reviews from audio magazines, but it gives a very DRY presentation. I could not live with it, and as it has been said, "many audiophiles prefer some smooth or warm bloom sound characteristic". After experiencing some low budget tube preamps, that never fail to send me above the clouds and lift my spirits, I purchased a few more expensive tube preamps. The difference in the dollar spent is a more quiet soundstage, individual instruments and performers can be picked out of the presentation, etc.  Just my experience, everyone has different ears, you may love it, etc.  Yah, old thread, bla bla bla......but people looking for information are still finding this, as I did.
I love the GFP 750 I run it to a beefy Rotel 200 x 2 into either my Vienna Acoustics or Sonus Faber speakers with transparent audio cables. Set up is everything and if you need more bottom end because it doesn’t have a mega bass button just add a subwoofer to the second set of rca outs. I use a paradigm sub in my set up. The detail is amazing and I use it for 2 channel only. Super audio disk and flac files still sound awesome through this piece of equipment as long as you have a great player. “When it comes to surround sound and video equipment give me the latest and greatest. When it comes to 2 channel amps, preamps, and speakers for audio I just want it built like a tank.” 
and the adcom gear is not too tough to hot rod with better parts, so can really make them sing...if you don't mind doing a little work.