adcom gfp 750 vs. MF a3cr.......preamps

Looking for big,open,sound...with a combination of transparency and weight...also build quality is paramount...leaning towards MF...any others?
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Go MF.I sold Adcom and whilkethat Nelson Pass stuf performed well sonically it ncould break at the drop of a hat.The eletronic switching would be item to go.Just fro picking it up the weight made it seem robust and as well designed it was Adcom's quality control that made it reputation in my shop suffer.Probably quick assmebly line soldering was culperit.But you don't want one day to just have the selector switch just spin freely and it to be stuck on one input.
Thought amp was a bit better made and a value for 300 waats.But the whole stack all true balanced I had in my crib for a few months and while mothing broke what pissed me off was the CD player.It was was "too cute".They had such nice reviews on thier D/A processor they "cutely" included a digital in and not outpout as if "who would want to use another D/A?"I guess hooking up a laser disc orplayer something was novel but I wanted to ba able to have digital out to run into a CD-R recorder which I happened to have owned.One thing it did have was a pahse button an that was nice.Not on all recordings but on some it made a real difference.Wish more CD players had this.I guess if you didnb't need a digital out (maybe had a dual tray recorder) and had really good luck iot could last for years was (and is used 0 a high powered,high value true balanced satck of gear.But I saw to may pieces of Adcom break down including that pre to reccomend that you get it.
I've had an Adcom 750 close to three years and have had nothing but enjoyment from it. It is also able to play in passive mode which is great when I listen to vinyl cause the modified klyne I use for the head amp is truely detailed.
By the way it is mated to a modified Adcom 555 that has been left on for approx. 15 years now with no problems.