Adcom GFP-750 vs Adcom GFP-565

How do these units compare sonically?
What are the sonic strengths and weaknesses of each in comparison to one another head to head?
The GFP-750 is hands down the better sonically. The 750 was compared to some of the best. The 565 really wasn't that great overall. I think it achieved a Stereophile Class C or maybe a B rating back when they were sort of honest ratings. The 750 was pretty much universally accepted as a great preamp earning Class A in Stereophile and being received well throughout,
I have owned both, the 750 IS the better pre. The 565 sounds closed in and less dynamic. Its sound is dull in comparison. It takes the vibrancy out of the music.
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I agree with Bigtee. I owned the 565 for years & sold it when I upgraded to a Rowland Consonance. I own the GFP750 now. It has better sounding ciruitry by far.
The 565 did have a nice phono stage built in. I believe it also had higher gain. I have seen postings here stating that the 565 is a better match for the older Adcom 555 amps......
Unless you need more gain, there is no reason to get the 565. You can buy a used GFP 750 here & re-sell it easily if you change your mind....
(The 750 is also truly balanced. If you have a balanced amp, it will be a great match).