Adcom GFP 750 Pre Amp & Adcom GFA 5802

Has any one had any negative experiences with the Adcom GFP 750 Pre Amp and the GFA 5802 2 Channel 300 Watt power Amp. Or do all seem to think they are a perfect match?
They do match up very well together...but they have sort of a dark, warmish character, and lack ultimate speed and ultimate detail, especially on the top-end, when used together. The best charateristic they had when I had both together in my system was vocal reproduction...especially on female vocals.
Hope this helps.
Nothing wrong with either piece. They are very dependable. I agree totally with Daltonlanny's sonic description. Most of these sonic characteristics can be traced back to the amp. The preamp is a very nice sounding unit in any audiophile sense. I know the fellow who bought mine loves the sound of this combination and it sure qualifies for the "Bang for the buck" description!
What power amp would most of you prefer with the GFP 750 preamp and a set of Salk HT3 veracity speakers.