Adcom GFP 750 Power Switches

This preamp has two power switches one on the front and one one the back (master). Is the front one just a standby (unit really powered on) or do I need leave both switches in the "on" position all the time for optimal sonic performance?

I would like build remote "power on" and "ext processor" commands into multifunction remote macro commands to make it easier for other family members to watch movies etc, but concerned about not having preamp really powered on all the time.
You must have both power switches on for the preamp to function. Therefore, when the front power switch is off, the preamp will be off. I think they recommend turning the rear power switch off only if you will not be using the preamp for a long period of time, i.e. when you go on vacation.
Slightly off topic, but that power switch is one of the few things I do not like about this preamp. Not only does it feel a little flimsy, but the preamp will not power up using the on switch on my power conditioner. I like to be able to leave the power switches for my front end components on all the time and use the switch on my power conditioner to turn them on and off, but once I turn off the power conditioner this preamp must be manually turned on using its own power switch to power up again. Has anyone found a way around this?
Just want to agree with you about the power switch. I like the pre-amp over all, but do not care for how the power switch feels when turning on or off. Hope it's more solid than it feels.