Adcom GFP-750 or Blue Circle Audio 21.1

Hello A-goners! Alright I've made the decision to integrate one of these two pre-amps into my system. They both offer a home theater/processor bypass so I can still keep my multi-channel music and home theater within the same system. My system is: Outlaw 950 pre-pro, Rotel RCD 1070 cdp, Marantz DV-8300 uni player, Anthem MCA 20, Anthem MCA 30 amps with Silver series Monitor Audio speakers. My query to you all is in your humble opinion's, which would provide me with the best sound considering my system? I prefer a detailed, crisp sound with good bass response.

Thanks in advance for all feedback!
Years ago I heard the GFP-750 mated to a Plinius SA250 driving a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos. While the sound was big and bold I felt it was definitely on the dark side and noticeably rolled off on top.

Don't take my comments too seriously since I heard this combo in a store and have never owned the Adcom. But I have owned Concertinos and they never sounded that dull. It could have just been a "dead" room which may have been caused by all the gear it was sharing space with.

I do own and currently use the Blue Circle BC21 and feel it is a lively, organic preamp which places a bit more emphasis on the midrange and mid to upper bass because of its two 6SN7 tubes. I use the BC21 with a solid state amp so these attributes aren't over emphasized, but I do like their presence.

The newer BC21.1 uses two 6922s instead and should present music with a less pronounced hump in these frequencies. The redesign along with the available Shallco attentuator should also deliver a higher level of transparency and detail.

One thing though, if you opt for the remote with the BC21.1 instead of the Shallco, you'll be giving up some of those benefits. Also, 6922s are known for good detailed bass, while the 6SN7s may bloat it and round it a little.

My feeling is that the Blue Circle may add a little more to the sound than the Adcom, but whether or not you like its character I couldn't say. The Adcom should disappear better, and make its presence less felt.
Yeah, Adcom is a killer Pre-amp. DOesnt put any signature on the sound at all, completely transparent. Its a garenteed winner.