Adcom GFP-750 and Goldpoint attenuator

Is it possible to replace the potentiometer in the Adcom GFP-750 with a high quality attenuator from DACT or goldpoint? Are there folks who have done this and seen an improvement?

Thanks for any information.
It is probably possible if the original VC is not attached directly to the circuit board. And, you will probably lose the remote volume capability due to the fact that the DACT uses resistors.
Probably easier to sell the 750 and get the "real" version of the circuit as made by Nelson himself: AlephP, which uses an optical switching of a relay-driven silver resistor ladder for gain and attenuation.

Does the ALeph P have Balanced outs and HT Passthru?

Anyone else who tried this?
Why don't you ask the opinion of the distributor of DACT or Goldpoint?
I do not see what is wrong with the attenuator. It has a 4 way Alps attenuator. Why would you like to replace it? Ok, I have the serial number 01001, the first of its kind in 240 Volt version from 97. Maybe they use some bad parts for the GFP 750 now?
Yes, the Aleph P has "true" balanced inputs and outputs, and nifty separate gain and "volume" controls for max S/N within your system's sensitivity (gain) level.

The issue is not whether something is wrong with it or the parts are bad. The issue is whether it can be improved upon by choosing a higher end component and hence my question. I have heard people replacing the stock attenuator on an Aleph L with good results.
Just wondering if the same could be true on the GFP-750.