Adcom GFP-750 and Adcom GFA-5802 Amp?

I mainly only want responses from people out there who have owned both the Adcom GFP-750 preamp, AND Adcom GFA-5802,and paired them together in the same system. My good friend is trying to put together a decent system.
He has not decided which front-end, cables, speakers, or amp to use. He wants to built his system around an Adcom GFP-750 preamp, which he now owns. He seems to be leaning greatly toward the Adcom GFA 5802 power amp.
He was wondering specifically if anyone has owned or tried an Adcom GFA-5802 power amp with the GFP-750 preamp in the same system, and if they were a good match together, and how they sounded together, since they both have relatively simple Nelson Pass circuits and similar circuit lay-outs and parts? Is there any kind of natural synergy when they are paired together?
Are there any major sonic weaknesses when they are paired together?
Are other power amps such as Parasound, Rotel, etc.,a better sonic match with the Adcom GFP-750?
I have never listened to the Adcom GFA-5802 power amp, so I cannot help him.
My friend says "Thanks in advance."
I own a GFP 750. My friend owned both a GFP 750 & the 5802. They sounded very good, both were modded. You should remember the GFP 750 is fully balanced. The GFA 5802 is not, it does have balanced inputs that convert to unbalanced inputs in the amp.
Rotel (I believe) does not make a truly balanced amp. The Pass X amps would be my choice to try......
Hummmmm..sounds to me like you are the one after the combo!, ey?
Anyway, I've sold this combo on a retail level over the years, and am very familiar. I've had the 750 in my system before.
The 5802 is very sonically comparable to the ATI amps, if slighly less extended in the trebble. Otherwise, very same class amp. The amp and preamp in mention are descent class B components. Actually, the preamp (GFP750) I think is at best borderline Class B/C. I think the class A rating...,well, someone got paid off there...that's what I think.
Sonic weaknesses between the two pieces?...well the preamp isn't as pure as proposed. It's a little syrupy, and not as pure as better "passive pre's", like the Pass Aleph L/P!!! Compared to those, the GFP750 is more veiled, syrupy, and not so pretty sounding compartivley(again, the review lied!)
It's a descent preamp however, but nothing superspecial. The 5802 amp is slightly light on dyanamics and bass authority, relativley clear/uncolored, with descent midrange, and ok highs. Soundstage can be bettered, as can air, ultimated detail, etc. AGain, it's Class B. Still the best amp Adcom ever made mostly.
However, that said, price per price, it depends on your speaker needs! What will those be???
Anyway, it's good gear. If you like the 750's sound, you'll find no fault in generall with the 5802 I think. Again, they're good components that offer good sound overall.
However, my recommendation is to figure the speaker chioces first! The speakers are giving you the biggest sonic signature, and are by far the most important component in the gear-chain. I'd figure those, then match the components...or in this case, the amp. That would make your amp chioces easier. Heck, some speakers do better with tubes!
Anyway, I don't understand falling in love with an amp/preamp(unless you just like to sit around and show your friends your toys) combo without knowing your speakers!...that's backwards..and I know so many people do it that way though.
No, my friend is the one building a system. I am just trying to help him decide which amp to purchase, with your help of course.I no longer own an Adcom preamp, and have never owned or heard an Adcom power amp.I am very happy with my current system.