Adcom GFP-565 pre-amp

Does a GFP-565 have much value in the used market? I'm the original owner and it still seems to perform well. I say "seems" because, of course, I don't know what I'm missing with a new upgrade. I guess Adcom is not as well regarded now as when it was new.
That's still is an excellent full function pre-amp. Its highly regarded. Many vinyl lovers its a way to get into vinyl on the cheap and still retain high end sound for pennies. I believe this is a John Curl design? In its day and now it can be a wonderful addition to a vinyl spinning audiophile looking for a well made pre with tone controls and flexibility.
They seem to be selling for between $200 and $350 on Ebay, depending on condition. Just check the completed listings tab on Ebay.
Audiogon lists it's bluebook value at $320.00 but that is an estimate. Best of luck.
Still a demand for them on Ebay. I had no trouble selling mine. And speaking of vinyl lovers, it has a very good phono stage.
Selling price has remained constant for 10+ years...
Thanks for all your responses. I guess I'll keep it until I find a new one I really like.
I regret selling my Adcom 565. It was a great preamp that soundded great! Had to sell it due to finacial situation.
If you use the outstanding MM phono stage, I would be reluctant to part with it. I parted with mine only because I wanted to move to MC. I got $340 for mine here. People know about the GFP-565. It's a stellar performer for the price.
Because of the favorable comments here I'm now in no hurry to part with it. Haven't used phono in almost 20 years though.