adcom gfp 555

I just bought my first audio gear the adcom gfp 555 mark 2 for 110 baks i know this preamp is not the best but i could not resist, and now I would like to pair it with some power amp under 600 $ to have as much perfomance as i can get . Your advide please
You have a nice preamp there, what are your speakers, how large is room, and what is your musical taste?
i like jazz classic rock I have no speacers yet and my room is not to big 12 by 18
speakers thinking about paradigm studio 100 v 1,2,3 (dont know which is better) martin logan sc3 or magnepan 1.6
McCormack DNA.5 would probably fill the bill, for a softer sound maybe a Muse 100. If you need craploads of power and want to spend about half that cost, the Adcom GFA-555 is the natural mate.
the mccormack .5 is a great recommendation