Adcom GFA7000 - only 3/5 channels are working?

I have an Adcom GFA7000 5 channel amplifier. I haven't used it for a little over a year as I have been away from my home (USN, this week I hooked my system up, only to discover that the tow outside channels are not working at all (RR, and L) I used a source and speaker combination that was working properly, and double checked each connection, etc.
According to Adcom, there are several possible culprits, but it is likely an internal protection, and will need to be taken to the dealer, or a repair technician.
My question is - is there any way I can determine if this "internal protection" is indeed my problem, and reset it without droping my hard-earned?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated,
"Internal protection" might be (probably is) just a fuse. Pop the cover off and look before you call in the experts. Get a box of fuses for about $1.50. Be sure the amperage rating of the fuse is the same as the blown one...they are all the same size so don't go by that. If the replacement fuse blows right away, then it's time to fix something.
Agree with "El" but would recommend unplugging the amp, turning the amp on with it unplugged. By the time that you can get all of the screws out, you should have discharged the caps sufficiently to start poking around inside.

If you can't find anything that looks hokey, i would suggest sending it back to Adcom and NOT to a local shop. While it might be more costly to ship, they will do a more thorough job for less money than what you would probably end up paying locally. Sean