Adcom GFA 7500 Find Can It Be Ran In Two Channel..

Can the 7500 be ran in two channel with a regular pre hooking it up to the fronts, and the rears individually. Tested separately. I found one in my local thrift, but had no way to test it. They sold it to me for $15 because of the lack of being able to test it. It powers up, but at the moment that's all I have done with it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I do all the time..., and have for years in my home theatre setup. Just use the coresponding binding posts for mains left and right. $15? That's a deal!
Thanks Hessec.
Yes $15. There was really no way to test it at the moment, and the thrift store manager was really cool about it, (That was a surprise) and she put $15 on. I figured at that price I couldn't go wrong. I will try to test it soon.
Wow what a find. $15 for a quality 5 channel amp.

I wonder if you would be causing adverse affects to the Adcom by only using 2 of the 5 channels.

Either way for $15 why not give it a try.
Tested, and works great.