Adcom GFA 5802 Upgrade

I currently have 2 Adcom GFA 5802 amps which I had used to biamp a pair of Infinity Kappa 9 speakers I recently sold. While I'm very happy with their performance, I'm considering selling one of the Adcoms and look for an amp which would be a noticable upgrade in performance. I would like to spend between $1,500 and $2,000 and prefer a solid state amp. Initially the rest of system I would use the amp with is an Adcom GFP750 preamp, Logitech Touch/PS Audio Link III DAC, and Yamaha NS1000M speakers or KEF 104.2 speakers. In the near future, I plan to purchase a pair of Magnepan 1.7s and I would plan to use the new amp with the Magnepans. My musical tastes run from Tony Bennett to Diana Krall to classic rock. Any recommendations or experienced would be appreciated.
You will hear the refrain that Magnepans perform better with as much power as you can give them. Or something to that effect. I am afraid a quality SS high current amp is going to cost more than $2K.
Nonetheless there are certain amps that are known to work well with Maggies. Keep an eye out for any prpobably used Spectron Musician, Sanders system, Coda, H2O ICE power and others.
In the late '90s I had a GFA5802 with B&W Matrix 802's, which sounded really nice. I swapped the Adcom for a McIntosh MC300 and noticed a great improvement overall. The Mac seemed to have more bloom in the midrange and was not fatiguing in the highs. I don't think it had better detail in general, but had better top to bottom coherency and was overall more engaging. Not sure how it would pair with Maggies.
Sanders, Innersound & Coda are all Coda Technologies. Coda has a 10.5r @ $1900 obo, I'd call Doug Dale at Coda and check it out. I agree, it would be terrific with your Maggies.
Your power requirements will be based on your listening habits, room size etc.... at least that is what the magnepan site says. And you can get a perfectly good high current amp for less than 300 dollars. 299 to be exact. The Harman Kardon hk3490. I realize the MSRP is not up to 'audiophile' standards, but the performance is.
No need to look into over $2k ballparks. Think about Wyred4Sound.
Thank you for replies and comments/suggestions. I've listed one of my Adcoms for sale and will begin researching suggested amps further. I hope to be in a position to pick up a different amp in the next few months.