Adcom GFA-565's or Eagle 400 mono blocks

Looking for feed back on which is the better all around performer between the Adcom GFA 565 mono's and the Electron Kinetics Eagle 400 mono's.I know sound is a matter of taste but wanted opions none the less on performance good and bad.

I haven't heard the Eagle amps, but Adcom? C'mon, is this the best comparison you can think of? Time marches on and that sound is soooo dated. Tell us what your budget is and what speakers you have so you can get better suggestions than Adcom.

I'm not familiar with the Adcoms, but have a lot of experience with the Eagles - though not the 400's. I'll be interested to hear if anyone has actually compared the 565 and the 400.

I have an Eagle 2C', a 2C, and 2 Eagle 4's. You rarely see Eagle 400s used, so I'm not sure if you have a line on a pair or if you plan to have Russ Sherwood build you a pair out of a couple of Eagle 2's. If that latter wile it will run into some cash - the latest versions of Eagles (with Russ's updates) are fantastic.
What speakers will they drive?
Unsound they will be driving a set of B&W 808speakers
These are a set of Eagle 2c's that have been converted to the 400 mono blocks
not sure what you did pay or will need to pay for them, but assuming it's in the ballpark of what I've seen them listed for lately, doubt you'll find something better for less than twice the price.
800.00 bucks for the Eagle mono blocks.
as I said . . . you won't find anything that touches them.
FWIW, I'd go with older design, Eagles.
That is a steal!!!! They can be a touch bright so all other components and cables matter. And they get really hot, but they are just great amps and can drive anything. Should be a killer system.
I really hope so this is my system in a budget. I'm running a set if B&W 808 speakers Macintosh c38 preamp and a California audio labs cd player. I was thinking of switching out the preamp if it doesn't go well the the eagle mono blocks as I love the speakers and have been looking for a set if mono blocks that will drive them.
Also, look into Aragon amps. Potent, built good and good sounding.
Adcoms can be good, serviceable amps. Eagles/EKSCs can be great amps. A few years ago a friend had B&W 801s driven by a pair of EKSC 400 monos and I've never heard B&Ws sound better.

I would agree they can sound (very) slightly bright in some systems but I think that is a matter of compatibility. I would say they would be highly recommended at $1,600. For half that it would be close to robbery!