Adcom GFA 555 with Totem MANI-2... any good?

i am currently building up my sound systyem here.
so far i have a perceiver ADCOM gtp-400 and amp ADCOM gfa-555. record player Linn sondec LP 12.

Would be a set of Totem Mni-2's a good additon?
i appreciate any kind of comment. THANKS.
I doubt the Adcom will be able to generate the current needed to adequately power the Mani-2s. I took my Bryston 4BST to a Totem dealer in Montreal and tried that amp through the Mani-2s. The Brtson didn't have enough current, compared to a Mark Levinson amp and the sound (with the same pre) was very different. The Bryston needed to be able to push current at sub 4 Ohm loads and just wasn't up to the task. What will power them well is Krell, ML and cj; I have heard all three amps though these with excellent results. I'm sure there are other amps out there that will also do the job, but I only mention those I have first-hand (ear) experience with. Good luck!