Adcom GFA 555 versus Rotel RMB 1095for stereo

I own both the above amps. Would I be better served to use the 2 channel Adcom for stereo , or the 5 channel Rotel ?.

Don't take this the wrong way, but if you already own the 2 amps, I can't imagine why you listen to them both and decide for yourself.
I agree with Z. I don't get these types of questions. If you can't make up your own mind, why are you even concerned about it.
I agree, besides, if we answered your question we would deprive you of the fun of changing/experimenting.
I am 74 years old with serious health problems. My system is in an enclosed cabinet and was set up by my son who is no longer around. So for me to grovel and make the switch is not a given . I just thought you guys would give me a clue and save me the trouble , thats all .

Sorry to hear about your health issues, good luck there. You might consider hiring a strapping high-schooler for $10-15 to place both amps outside the cabinet and allow you to switch speaker cables. Once you decide which one you like better, get the kid to place it in the rack for you.

It's a hell of a lot easier for the kid than mowing a 1/2-acre yard for the same dough...

I have the Rotel and to me it's a much better amp than the Adcom. I use it for home theater, though it might even sound better in two channel.
I really hope I didn't offend you. Honestly, I didn't see that one coming. If you read some of the other responses, these types of questions are asked very frequently; just under very different circumstances.

I have to agree with J135. There is nothing wrong with the Adcom but the Rotel is in just another league. Also, if you are just going to be using it in a 2 channel system, you can do a vertical biamp if your speakers allow. All you need is 2 sets of binding posts on the back of your speakers. Just run speaker cables from each channel of your Rotel to a set of binding posts on the speakers. That will allow you to take advantage of 4 of the 5 channels on the Rotel instead of just 2. This won't just give the speakers more power, they will sound better, as well. Just make sure that the 2 channels you use for the left channel gets the left signal from the preamp and do the same for the right.

I agree that the Rotel is the way to go. I hope your health improves. Good luck my friend.

IF the speakers can be biamped?
Might shift the balance to using 4 channels of the adcom.....2 per speaker?
In the spirit of promoting civility on this site, I just wanted to state (the obvious?) that this thread illustrates how difficult it is to really understand the true reasons that some posters sometimes ask questions. It seems that some (I include myself) are always very quick to get indignant about what may seem obvious to them. Like Grandma always said: "If you don't have something nice to say...."
very well said. frogman. we need a moratorium on these rude and singularly unhelpful respoonses. courtesy only takes a second.

With the flood of A/B questions on these sites, I understand why folks get uptight.
I also understand lame legs and swollen fingers.

Crowy, add more detail with an explanation. You will find audio-nuts to be some of the most helpful people around.

Depending on your speakers, that Rotel could make your ears bleed. My Adcom monoblocks meld with my speakers MUCH better than the "superior" Rotel I tried in my system.

I would very much like to hear your results.
I agree that the Adcom 565 mono blocks are also way better than the GFA 555 in question.
So sorry for using the poor old man ploy but its just the way it is. Thanks for the responses so far . The bi amp option looked good but I have Def tech BP 8080 ST up front which won't bi amp. I am using the Marantz Pre Pro AV 7005. Its not that I am totally unhappy with my Rotel 1095 but thought the Adcom might do a better job for stereo because it was designed for 2 channel . I thought I had read where the multichannel amps were not that good for 2 channel .
The Rotel RB-1090 was essentially a two channel version of your amp and sold for the same price. There are lots of good two channel amps you could essentially trade your Rotel for, just don't think the GFA 555 is one of them.
PS Crowy, in 1998 they thought I had MS. Found out (in 2004) it was actually extremely advanced Lyme disease, which by then could not be reversed.
It has taken me a long time to come to grips with the limitations this has imposed.
Though I am considerably younger than you, I do know how you feel. Do not be ashamed of what genetics and age have naturally done.
It is not a "poor old man" ploy.

You might make a post for some audiophiles in your area to assist you in your endeavor. I bet you there are at least ten divorced men within a two hour drive of you, bored out of their minds who would welcome an afternoon of gear jockeying and component review. (You buy the pizza! LOL)

I've made friends this way. In a world where keyboard and screen is how we interact, it's a good thing to see someone face to face.

Or did you mean, "GROUCHY old man??" LOL
Let us all know how it works out. Be well.
Crowy, where do you live buddy? If you want to let us know, I'm sure someone will come give you a hand.

Zd, don't feel bad, you weren't the only one to jump to that conclusion. We all could be a little more compassionate of others, whether they are young or old, myself included.
You could most probably sell them both off and replace them with a very nice higher performance class D amp... You should out perform either of those and move it easily any time needed in the future.
I hope this helps,
I'll add my own "qualification" to my first response. I sincerely hope your health concerns improve, and at least don't impact your ability to enjoy your rig.

Frankly speaking, the first response was indeed the correct one - and good advice; lacking the knowledge that experimenting isn't practical. It sounds like you are now receiving guidance from folks experienced with your amps.

Further, no apologies needed for the "old man ploy" as many of us audiophiles are nearly there if not exactly there. I've instructed my kids that when my age prevents me from other activities they should park me in from of my rig with a remote and I'll be happy. It's the great thing about music.

Happy listening!
Thanks everyone for you responses. I did take the advise of getting a young guy to help me with the setup. I ended up keeping my default setup which included the Rotel Rmb 1095 for movies, and the Oppo BD 95 using the dedicated unbalanced 2 channel outs for the right and left input of the 7.1 analog . While I was about it I connected a pair of XLRs from the dedicated outs from the Oppo and connected to the CD input on the Marantz AV 7005. I did this to be able to choose the Audyessy setup for comparison . It sounds good both ways to me . I did try the 2 channel Adcom with its 200 watts per, I found it to be as good as the Rotel but certainly not better . The fact that I lean towards 2 channel leads me to believe that I should get a better 2 channel only amp .
Crowy how far are you from Roanoke, VA?
I am selling a couple and shipping is cheap.
Wanna maybe try a couple just for giggles?
Gumbydammit, I live in Redding California.
Maybe next year then. That distance would be a bit high.
We plan on making a move to a more politically in synch region.
(The Bible belt is becoming more and more toxic with me daily.)
Best of luck!