Adcom GFA-555 in Mexico on 127 volts?

Wondering how unhappy my GFA-555 might be if I run it on 127 volts in Mexico. Anyone have experience in this area?  Thanks.
A stable 127 VAC is fine, but I've lived in Mexico and power delivery is usually crap. You definitely want a voltage regulator such as this Furman unit:

Furman (and others) make a dizzying range of power conditioners. You 100% want to make sure it says "voltage regulator." This will adapt the incoming voltage to a sweet voltage range at all times.

In addition, you should get top class voltage surge protection. Furman calls this feature SMP

This is the best unit I know of in terms of reliability, surge, voltage regulation and cost, but shop around, some Agon'ers have gotten about 40% off from list.


Before anyone gets all ethnic, I've also lived in a modern high rise in San Francisco and needed a voltage regulator there. Less black outs, but daily variance in voltage was on the very edge of acceptable.

I'm now in a mid-century complex and voltage is much more stable.


I don't know about Mexico,  but here in Arkansas, My voltage fluctuates from as low as 119 to as high as 125.  My power conditioner shows current input. Everything runs fine without issue.
The GFA 555 is built like a tank. Mr. Pass did one fine job. I still have mine from the 80's. (I really need to sell it).
I'm not going to get all ethnic, but I will get all budgetary because a $2000 surge suppressor is a little bit much.  Surely a $200 unit would suffice.
The price problem is related to voltage regulation. Voltage regulation requires transformers, which is heavy and therefore expensive.

I think most in the US are fine without them. If you are asking me about running in Mexico, I'd say it was a requirement.

TRUE voltage regulators usually start in the $300-$500 range. Then it's a matter of what else do you want? :)

The SMP (series mode surge suppression) is the one thing I think all power conditioners should have for valuable audio gear, plus it has nice noise suppression all on its own.

I find the LiFT feature in Furman units to offer genuine improvement in sound quality thanks to a lower noise floor. But it IS another step up in price.


Thanks all, for your thoughts, experiences and suggestions.

At the moment I have access to a Tripplite LCR2400 to maintain 120v here in Mexico.  It works, with its "High" light on, which means it is receiving within 7% of 120.

Problem is that the unit often hums, and when it does it also emits a 360Hz harmonic partial that is heard all around the room.

Hence my question about the risks of tapping straight into the wall (127v).

I'll be replacing the TL soon, and TL Mexico has agreed to examine the unit (it's brand new, shipped from the US), to see if the hum can be resolved.
Mechanical hum is an issue with a lot of these I am afraid, including Furman, but I can usually hide mine so it is not noticeable.