Adcom GFA 555 II

Any advice on running a pair of Adcom GFA 555 ii bridged with Magnepan MG/12QR i am currently using one and was considering picking up a 2nd one, are there any benefits? can they handle the 4 ohm load bridged as i’m sure when pushed they dip pretty low in ohm’s or is this a bad idea?

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Thank you very much  roberjerman1 for your advice I do have a few more set's of speakers that are more efficient to utilize for louder spl, but i'm kinda really liking the Maggie sound so maybe i'll step up to a larger model although i do like the set up as it is but got excited when i ran across a great offer on a 2nd GFA 555ii and decided to question the purchase as i am pretty new at this and have never ran any of my amplifiers bridged.
Huge Thanks  noble100  wow i didn't even think about checking out class D amplifiers, that opens up so many more options and the prices aren't too bad on the ones you listed above. I will be checking the local shops to see if they carry any class D amps at all just to get an idea of the characteristics and performance of them, if not i'll check with a few guys that i have dealt with here in Vegas to see if they have a class D in their collection that i can check out. Also can you please advise on why you moved on from the ClassD Audio SDS-440-CS and the pros and cons that you experienced with it.