Adcom GFA 555 II too harsh for EPOS M12.2's?

Thanks for your help. I understand the Adcom GFA 555 II is a good amp w/ tons of reserve power. However, some reviews call it a little grainy, harsh and brittle. Along w/ the EPOS M12.2's I am running an Adcom Preamp/tuner and a 12" Velodyne sub. Also, my 16 x 12 room does not have carpeting, already lending to strong mids and highs. Will this amp work in my situation or do you have another suggestion in the used $400 - $500 range??

Actually for about 5 years my main set-up was an ADCOM GFA 545; ADCOM GTP 500 II; and EPOS 11 and it sounded pretty good.

I know that there are some differences between the ADCOM 545 & the 555 and the EPOS 11 & 12.2 ... but not enough to buy a new amp ... assuming that you own the ADCOM 555 already. I always felt that the grainy & harsh comments made about ADCOM power amps were off-base and not founded.

If I were to change anything it would be the ADCOM preamp, which is OK and the tuner is pretty decent , but there are more musical pre-amps out there.

Regards, Rich
If you do not already own the Adcom, I would recommend a McCormack DNA 0.5, if you can stretch your budget to about $600.00 Tons more refinement and detail than the Adcom, with a built in upgrade path.
I'm curious to know about your Epos m12.2's.... do you think they better the M12's?

please let me know
Stick with the Adcom, it's a decent amp.