Adcom GFA 5500 vs. Parasound A21

Would a Parasound A21 amp be an improvement as a replacement for the Adcom GFA 5500 amp?
I really think your moving sideways. Treat yourself to something special when you want to really pull the trigger. Find out what people are using to drive the same speakers you have. Amps are very critical to speaker matching. Its really tough to offer advice without knowing your preamp and speakers.

Matt M
Adcom was well into decline when the 5500 came around.  The A21 was designed by John Curl, and has class A output for the first several watts.  How is that a move sideways?
Thank you for all your comments.
 Matt M:  I have Magnepan MG 3A speakers, and a Parasound P5 preamp, which is why I asked about the A21.  I assume the A21 would be an improvement but also that it may not be enough to make a change now.  I'm generally satisfied with the sound from the current system.

A21 will definitely be an improvement and not a sideways.
You need to check with real owners of Magnepan users on this forum, who use Parasound amps: