Adcom GFA-5500 Musical Concept Mods

Anyone ever heard this amp with these mods? I've got a 5500 that's at least 15 years old and sounding tired. I'm trying to decide whether to have it modded/updated/serviced or replace it with something more current. The reliability of this amp has been bulletproof but it's sounding a bit bloated and harsh lately so I need to do something.
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I owned this amp a long time ago, and it was a bit bloated and harsh when new. I would move on. I'm not sure what the cost of the mods might be, but in my opinion, you can do much better by selling and buying something else. It is hard to make specific recommendations without knowing more about the rest of your rig, especially the speakers.
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what other gear is in your system? Cables/power cords as well?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
How do the Emotiva amps compare with the Adcom?