Adcom GFA 5400

Any feedback on your experience with this amp? I'm interested in using it for 2ch music as well as the two front channels in home theater.
Hello, As with everything else, the value of the amp to you, and the quality of the sound, is relative to your expectations and your associated equipment. My experience with the 5400 is that it was a generally lower end "mid-fi" piece, and in direct comparisons (even with my 1982 NAD equipment) it sounded somewhat thin and lacking in dynamics. However, with a powered subwoofer it may do just fine for HT.

You did not say if you were looking for new or used pieces, but in the same ballpark I recommend you listen to Acurus amps, A100 (100wpc), A250 (250 wpc and about $500 used), or A200 (newer version of the A250, and 200wpc). I have found the Acurus amps to be much smoother, more detailed and dynamic. The Acurus three channel amps A100x3 or A200x3 are also supposed to be very good. You should be able to find the A200x3 for about $700 +/- used, and you would probably be very happy with that. Their build quality is great. These are just some suggestions, and I am sure there are other good amps in your price range out there. If possible listen to each and let your ears decide. -Tim
If you are willing to spend another couple hundred, you can send the 5400 to Stan Warren in Oregon, who will make it into a giant killer. Search his name for his phone number on other threads.