Adcom GDA-600/700 w/transport OR Rotel RCD-1072?

What will sound better: an Adcom GDA-600 or 700 or skipping an external DAC and just using a Rotel RCD-1072 CD player?

I will chime in only because no-one else has answered you.
I have both an Adcom DA600 and DA700.
I have used them with a Rotel transport (bought new back in??? 1999???), and a Sony SCD777ES.
The sound of the Sony as a transport totally destroyed the Rotel as transport.
I sold the Rotel, feeling a bit guilty as the transport was fine, but my realization of how inferior the Rotel was as a transport....
Anyway it all made me realize just how important the transport is to the sound.
(The Sony using it's own DAC sounded about the same as using the Adcom DA700)
I do like the Adcom DA700 (I bought it used a long time ago, and I had the DA600 from new wayyyy back when. I tried to sell the 600 but no-one wanted it)
I have NO experience with the Rotel unit you want to compare to the Adcom DAC... (and that with what transport?_
I assume you are buying them.. If you already own some of these things..??)'
Thanks for your response!

I guess I'm just waffling between getting a used Adcom 600 or 700 or skipping a DAC all together and going with a used Rotel RCD-1072 CD player (or a few others I'm considering: Arcam CD73T, Cambridge Audio Azur 640c or NAD 542).
I have both the adcom gda-600& two adcom-700's and a rotel transport. My experience is that the rotel transport and the adcom dac's are a good combo and the rotel transport with dac is better than the rega planet & the pioneer pd-65 with either dac & that the rotel is the best tranport of them all but their effect is highly system dependent. I found that I didn't need an external dac and could use a single box rega or pioneer only when I upgraded my amp to a quality tube amp. I don't have to use any dac with my Decware amps..the zen triode smooths and expands the sound so much that I can listen to cds with pleasure and no fatigue. I think that my preamp/amp tube combos do much more to improve my digital sound than my adcom dacs... but when I first used them with other equipment they helped. It really depends what your source of power is and how you are routing/moving that power. If you have and use high quality tube gear the adcom dacs don't seem to help much but with more basic equipment they can help..this is my experience. I can run my basic pioneer pd-65 or original rega planet without any external dac straight into my decware zen amp or use a tube pre and not need another just isn't needed and doesn't seem to help.