Adcom GCD700 random mode ills

I recently purchased a used Adcom GCD700 CD changer in very good condition, however in random mode it frequently will play multiple tracks (in random order) from the same disc before moving on to another disc. Is this a "characteristic" of this player or is it a defect?
I think this is normal. Mine will usually play two, maybe three tracks from one disc (in random order) before going to another disc. I believe this saves on mechanical wear and tear. It seems reasonable to me.
Don't know if it is normal for that specific player, but many other players do the same thing. I personally find it somewhat annoying, especially when they keep playing multiple tracks from several different discs but completely skipping another disc all together. From what i can gather, Sony's are famous for this. My old NAD 515 that i used to have did not have a problem in this area. Sean
Thanks for the fast reply. On one hand I am glad that it apparently is normal for this player, meaning that I purchased a player with no defects. On the other hand, I agree with Sean that it can be annoying that some discs are ignored for a long period. I did not know that this was a common thing. My previous changer (Harmon Kardon FL8450) never did this.
Strangely, my GCD700, which now resides at my father's house since I upgraded to a Theta Pearl, doesn't seem to do what you are talking about. If I put 5 disks in and hit "Random" and "Play", and then use the remote to keep jumping to the next track, it always changes which disk is in play. This unit was manufactured in Maylasia in 1996. (It does, however, suffer from the apparently common-to-the-model occasional drawer sqeakiness syndrome.)
Hmm, my GCD-700 drawer doesn't sqeak, yet. The changer will *usually* play two random tracks from one CD then move to another random CD. This is "hands off" without using the "next track" button. It doesn't bother me much because its faster going to another track on the current CD vs. waiting for it to select another disc.