Adcom GCD575 am I crazy or does this sound better.

I think I might be going crazy,but I think this sounds better than my Arcam Alpha8.The internals are better in the Adcom than my Arcam.The transport is made of metal in the Adcom vs the Arcams plastic.Do you all know that the Adcom uses the highly regarded Phillips TDA1541 dac.That dac was used in the Naim CDS,and is used in Audionotes top player.Sounds good to me.
No, your not crazy...It is a great sounding player. I recently had to let mine go because the laser was starting to fail after 13 years. Adcom wants $450.00 to replace it! It's obvious that they are concentrating on their new player with those kinds of prices. I guess if everyone just fixed their 575, no one would by the new ones. They were rock-solid and had fantastic definition. A true bargain to get one at Ebay.

Julian Hirsch said it was the best player he ever heard. I had one and loved it also.