Adcom GCD-575 CD Drawer Problems

Have any of you had any problems with the CD drawer on
the Adcon GCD 575? My drawer now wants to close immediately
upon opening and not stay open. Is there a quick fix for
I bet you have had that player for a while. I owned one a long time ago and enjoyed my time with it.

What is happening with your drawer is usually due to dirty contacts on the door position sense switches. There are usually 3 sets of switch contacts associated with the drawer mechanism. If any of these get dirty, worn, or bent out of place, erratic operation can result.

Once these sense switches are dirty, the result may be the drawer deciding to close on its own or reversing direction in the middle of opening or closing.

The solution to all these problems is usually to simply locate the offending switches and clean their contacts. These switches contacts are usually not protected from dust, dirt, and grime so that these types of problems are quite common.

I cannot remember what the player looks like inside so you would have to open it up and locate them yourself. You could always have it serviced which will probably run $100-$120 mostly for the technician's time. Then again you could put that money towards a new player as well.

Good Luck!

The_kid is exactly right. I owned a GCD-575 that had the same problem you're having, and when I opened it up the switch contacted were bent and corroded. After 15 years and numerous moves, it was no surprise. I was able to clean them and get the drawer to stay open again, but it had also started to have trouble reading discs, so I decided it was time for a new player. I got an Onix XCD-88, which was an amazing improvement over the Adcom.

If you have to pay a tech to fix it, I'd suggest you put the money towards a replacement.