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this might have been posted before, but has anyone heard or know anything about the new adcom line.  that, 575se model intrigues me at that price point.

Been listening to the amp for a bit now, and I like what I hear. For my ears the sound is more transparent. I wouldn't put it heads and shoulders above the previous tube amp that I had, but it does more things right than wrong. As for the harsh sound I first heard, I have determined that the speakers are more at fault than the amp. The solution was unusual but it works. I had another driver that was being used for bass, being fed by another amp. I disconnected it, and then wired it in series with the original driver. I am now listening to the set up and so far, I like it. The harshness is practically gone. It will take a bit more experimentation, but I feel that the speaker idea is on the right track.
It's a couple of weeks later, and I've sold a few things and acquired a pair of Totem Hawks, as I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum.  I bring it up here because I've currently got the 6002 driving them, and it seems to be doing fine which somewhat surprises me.

The Hawks are apparently a difficult load, and I had the 555SE running them, but was concerned about the driver movement at higher volumes so swapped in the 6002.  It's a fun little amp, though not quite the equal of the 555 SQ wise.  Love the Hawks, btw, I'm going to sell the Rainmakers.
 I have to agree about this little amp. I too, am surprised at the amount it does right. Yes, of course, I have owned better amps and combinations of gear. The real point here is that I have no reservations in the meantime of getting the new amp project that I am in the middle of, done ASAP so I don't have to listen to the small Adcom anymore. I may even keep it around for a garage system. That's not a slam either. It would be great to have something decent for shop time.
Greetings all,

I currently have a New GFA-575 in rotation for audition with a PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp, PS Audio PerfectWave Dac. - Bridge 2 Network card playing through Focal Sopra No. 2 speakers in a listening area of 15' X 20'. After several hours of break in time letting things settle in here are my thoughts.

If you are looking for a quality amplifier with massive amount of power and current Than this might be the amp for you. Weighing in at 81 lbs and a whopping 350 Watts at 8 ohms 450 at 4 ohms and 900 watts 8 ohms, bridged then this will be an extremely hard amp to beat!

I would like to start with my background as an audiophile and share some of the listening experiences with you as I have owned and Auditioned many High-End Class A, AB, D, & Tube Amplifier Companies such as Mark Levinson, Dan D'Agostino, Pass Labs, Krell, Classe, Audio Research, Cary, Gryphon, Luxman, Plinius, Block Audio, PS, Audio, BHK, Hegel, McIntosh, Krell, Bryston, Octave, Parasound, Emotiva, NAD, Adcom and much more!

My thoughts:

After break in, this amp delivered a large sound stage with transparency, notable highs and mid range. The amp had very good detail in the background as well as a punchy tight bass that could also drop down very low. In all I would highly recommend this amp over all for its price to performance ratio again will be extremely hard to beat a 2X the retail value.

Hope this has been helpful.

thanks bluemartini for the followup, after a while the adcom 555 really opened up. I started driving it harder to break in.  sounds great.  real excited for you and the new adcom gear.  but fell into a McCormack dna 500 and a brand new conrad Johnson et3se,  im in hog heaven now. I still have a extra system to get rid of, since I gave my daughter my wifes cj 2300a and pv 10a she had. gave my wife my cj 2500a and the pv 12.  I have a acurus system left …….and I prefer a dirty martini, shaken not stirred...….