adcom equipment.....

this might have been posted before, but has anyone heard or know anything about the new adcom line.  that, 575se model intrigues me at that price point.



what gear including cabling is in your system?  Happy Listening!

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let me know how that turns out for you...…
my wife has,
conrad Johnson 2300a recently redone by hamad at amp surgery
conrad Johnson pv10l
alon II’s
nad 546bee
my old technics turntable
and I switched her to tara labs interconnects from audio art for a more open sound, I made the speaker wire from bulk axiom wire.

again conrad Johnson
2500a amp
pv 12 pre, recently redone by hamad at amp surgery (sounds like the classic now)
alon IV’s
oppo 203, (had to give up on my beloved rotel 975)
acoustic zen interconnects cable, (personally from, I call him dr zen,(Robert lee), more open forceful sound, gave my tara labs to my wife.
I make my own speaker cables...….. holidays over jafant.

Let's see,  I mostly use CD's, so it usually starts with a Rega Apollo, then moves on to a Vincent SA-31 MK pre-amp. From there, one output goes to a NuTube headphone amp that I built and really dig.  When the amp arrives (Adcom 6602) it will power up a set of Decware ZOB speakers (Zen Open Baffle). I am pretty picky about power, so I use a BPT isolation transformer that produces balanced power from six separate secondary windings. Power cords vary, but PS Audio Preludes, Pangea AC14 SE, and one from BPT as well. Speaker cable has been Maple Shade basic twisted cable, which I have always liked, and interconnects are Nordost Blue Heaven from the CD player, and one Audio Magic from the pre-amp to the headphone amp, and then Straight Wire from  the TV to the Pre-amp as well. I occasionally use a dedicated a small laptop set up just for sound reproduction by a friend of mine, and it is amazing. That's about it.
Very nice systems and cool that you make your own SP wire.

Happy Listening!
I would beg to differ with hifiman's assertion that he's read up on the new Adcom lines.  There is almost nothing to read up on regarding them or at least their design.  One can read the manual of each model on line, or read up on a few owner's impressions here and there, but there is no analysis of new vs old design, spec, sound, etc. that I can find anywhere.

That said, I bought the 555SE a year ago and the 6002 a few months back.  The 555 is a gem for the money.  Clear, open, dynamic but not bright or harsh sounding, or at least with decent cabling.  Great soundstage too.  I may actually be holding it back somewhat with the preamp, a P5 from Parasound.  it's a decent pre but employs mostly op amps instead of the preferred discrete circuitry.  Still, I have been able to get a soundstage with depth at times, 

The 6002 is a budget amp and though not the equal of the 555, has lots of power for its size.  It actually has more features than the 555SE, which may be due to the 555's minimalist design with no 12 volt trigger or input gain knobs.

As to the OP's curiousity towards the 575SE, I'd be curious too.  At 81 lbs, I'd suggest it's not for the faint of heart!  The 565 intrigues me too at their sale prices, but I've got to lay off the amp upgrades for a while.