Adcom Cartridge

I bought an ADCOM -MC VDH II cartridge (ebay)for my sota moonbeam. Seller said he bought all availabe when ADCOM stopped mfg. He has cartridge, screws, etc., but now paper. How do I find the recommended tracking force and anti-skate settings? Also, Sota instruction says to use an appropriate alignment gauge to position the cartridge "for proper overhang geometry". What does this mean? What sort of alignment gauge would be reasonable? Anything else I should know. Thanks, just getting back into vinyl. Knew I've been moving these 500 vinyls for 30 years for some reason.
Go to for your recommended settings. You'll need to obtain a cartridge alignment tool along with a stylus pressure guage for proper set up. Others may know of downloadable alignment jig. I remember reading something about it a while back.