Adcom amp for Kappa 8.1's?

After +15 years I finally upgraded my speakers to the Kappa 8.1 A few weeks ago I purchased a Adcom GFA-5500 which powered my old speakers fine however I feel it does not make enough power for the 8.1's which I wasn't expecting to buy but found a deal I couldn't refuse. Thus my delima...

I have my eye on a Adcom GFA-5802

or 2 GFA 565's

Are there any other amps that I should look at in the under $850 used price range? I am leaning towards the 5802 because it has balanced inputs + newer design. My old denon avr 3000 does not have balanced outputs but my replacemnt receiver will.

thanks for any help/info
I owned the 8.1's for awhile. They're a fairly efficient speakers, but have a nasty impedence curve dropping to less than 1 Ohm @ some freq's.

The only amps I ever used were the Adcom GFA 555-II and a pair of the 565's. The 555 did the job, but didn't grip the bass they way the 565's did. IMO the 565's are a great match for these speakers, but the 555 will do.

I would take a hard look at the Aragon 8008BB, better then either of the Adcom's IMO. And as a cheaper option I would recommend the Acurus A250, which I also like better than Adcom.
Thanks for the info....

I tried finding a used Aragon but no luck, I ended up going with a pair of the GFS-565's & I figure when the time comes to upgrade they would be great home-theatre sub amps!

My GFA-5500 definantly seems to have a hart time pushing these speakers. They get very harsh at times & as you state do not grop the bass like they should.