Adcom ACE 515 problem

I have a 515 that had what I thought was a bad relay (See my other post). The section that turns off power amps did not work. After a few months in that condition, it started working again on its own. Any ideas why? Ihave wanted to upgrade line conditioners and is the unit ok to sell (Provided I disclose history of unit)? Thanks.

I would send it back or at least call Adcom to find out from them. They are the best source to ask this problem. I don't think anyone would care to purchase it with a possible future problem, and you also maybe ending up with a unsatisfied buyer ( and feedback ).
I had a ACE-515 for about 15 years. Finally died two weeks ago. I guess I got my $159.00 out of it. Replaced it with a panamax; better technology for not much more than the Adcom.
I would just sell it on eBay and disclose the potential problem in full. It does work as far as filtering goes, and will do no harm anyway, so someone will buy it as is. Start the bidding at $9.99 so it only costs you a 30 cent insertion fee.

I would recommend you skip over cheap conditions like the lower-end models made by Adcom, Panamax, Monster, etc. They're all just a bunch of over-priced surge protectors IMHO.

Real world low-cost conditions start with companies like Chang Lightspeed and Audio Power Industries to name just two.
I actually had a similar problem with an Adcom GTP 500 II (after 13 years of use). The tuner/preamp would turn itself on (and with it the whole system) and could not be shut off. I would need to unplug the whole system overnight for the unit to reset itself. It was a bad relay. You may wish to get it repaired locally. Adcom will tell you it will be at least 7 weeks turnaround time.

Regards, Rich