Adcom ACE 515 or PS Audio Ultimate Outlet?

I currently have an Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer. Would it benefit my system to invest in the high current Ultimate Outlet or possibly the PS Audio P300. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
The ultimate outlet will probably not help you much - it is not really a high end piece. The PS 300 is a different story. It will enhance your sound more than you could realize. I went from a 300 to an Exact Power combo and really was amazed at the improvement in my whole system including the video of my TV and DVD player. Amazing results! Cost is definitely a lot more (2100) for the combo but it's the best money I have spent in a long time in this venture!
I do believe in conditioners, but the ACE-515 is not one of them. I would sell it and get something better.
Agree with Sugarbrie as I owned an ACE-515 in the past.
I have 2 515's and like them. Yes, they are not as good as some $1000 conditioners but do a decent job.
As a point of reference...the ACE-515(s) I have tried, at best did nothing, and at worst added noise..
I have Adcoms 515 and they do NOTHING! I find good wall outlets do better than 515! I currently use U/O and I'm very pleased with them along with my P-600. I also find the U/O work best out of the P-600 and not before. Further improvements are obtained with good power cords on the U/O and Power Plants. Happy Listening!
If your interested in 515, I have two and would let go cheap!
Yep,Yep, nothing gained only time and money lost!!!! We are the conditioned, to buy shit like this. There are more out there just as bad.. Tom
Gee, I've used a bunch of ACE 515' over the years and thought they were a pretty good value. At this price point I'm not necessarly looking to improve performance as much as prevent degradation. Heck of a lot better than a Rat Shack power strip. They might work better with video than audio.