adcom 750gfp for aragon 8008bb ??

is the adcom 750 preamp a good match for the 8008bb ? or a aragon 28K preamp do a better job ?

appreciate any advice .... thanks !
Gosh, Rad, I feel badly that no one has responded to your question, so let me make a quick post. I have listened extensively to the Adcom GFP-750, and consider it to be one of the best bargains in high-end audio. A really excellent preamp for very little money ($1250 new, around $800 used). This preamp has been rated as a "Class A" component by Stereophile. At the used price, or even at MSRP, I don't believe there is another preamp that compares with the 750. Will it mate well with your 8008bb? There is a high probability that the two should work well together, but there is no absolute answer to your question. The only way to be sure is to audition the 750 in your system. A local dealer MAY allow you to do this -- if not, there may be other audiophiles in your area that can help.
To add to sd's post above: I heard (note: not auditioned) the adcom750 partnered with adcom (as to which amp... I don't remember, sorry) driving A-Physic Virgos. To be less than specific: pleasant result, clarity. A friend told me recently that the adcom pre sounded good on his Melos...
Sound like a good idea, especially at the price...