Adcom 5802 Stereo amp

The manual states the heatsinks can get VERY warm under normal listening and this has been consistent in prior reviews. I just purchased this unit and so far it is only minmally warm.It stays on 24/7 since there is no standby switch. It operates in Class A at lower volumes then switches to A/B according to the manual. This unit pumps out 450 watts to a 4 ohm impedance. Anyone out there familiar with this amp?
Depends on your speakers.. If they are very efficient probably 93 db or better, and a 8 ohm load or better you may never break a sweat.
The speakers are Martin Logan SL3's and 4ohm impedance. Martin logan's are noted to be power hungry and not real efficient.
Hmm, that should get some pretty decent temp out of the fins than.. Not sure, I had a 5800 series 10 years ago, it would get a bit toasty with 90 db 4 ohm type speakers, but again it was in an enclosed cabinet.. So it might not get too bad with the newer model 5802 if it is just sitting out in the open maybe they will not get too bad unless driven at very hi volumes.