adcom 565 preamp question...

Well folks...picked up a used one at a fair price recently...quick question...on the pre-outs on the is labeled "lab" this the passive connection? there is also one labled "norm" and one "direct" (which doesn't sound as good)...thanks...
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Use the "Bypass" outputs they are direct coupled and placed before the tone controls and filters. This is the shortest signal path, best sound.

Lab outputs less desirable, Tone controls and filters are in the signal path if activated by the push buttons on the control panel. If my memory serves me right even when using the bypass outputs leave the push buttons out on the tone and filters.

I do not remember "Direct" outputs on the GFP 565. I thought there was a third set of outputs called "Normal" which were capacitor coupled, bad sound.
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There are one pair of "bypass" outputs--Direct coupled, and no tone controls. There are two pair of "Main" outputs--Lab and Normal. The Lab outputs are direct coupled, but the tone and high filter can be switched in if desired. The normal outputs are capacitor coupled and the tone and high filters can be switched in if desired.

If you choose to use the tone controls, the preamp will also invert polarity on the "Main" outputs.
FWIW--I had a Audiogoner tweak my Adcom preamp and was totally satisfied with the results. He can be e-mailed at for the specifics.