Adcom 565 mono's vs. Mcintosh 754'S

I am currently using Adcom 565 monos to drive my Legacy audio Focus se's..I have a chance to get a pair of Mcintosh 754's at a really good price. Would this be a upgrade,downgrade,lateral move? Would really like some input from the audiogon group...thanks
I would classify Adcom as mid-fi, so yes the Mac amps are a HUGE upgrade.
I agree, this will be a jump up a couple of tiers. You will gain a warmer yet more accurate representation of your recordings. IMHO.
I used to drive my original FOCUS with the 565's and I felt they did an outstanding job especially on the low end. I moved on at a point to several different amps and finally ended with Bryston 7Bst for several years. I still felt in some ways the Adcoms were the best on the low end but the Brystons were still just overall better. Now I own a pair of FOCUS SE and started with them using the same Bryston. Sounded great. Then I fell into a good deal on a pair of Mac 352's that I bridge and they took the FOCUS to another level. My first Mac and I couldn't be happier. At this point I likely would never change amps as I have never had the same synergy as I do right now so I find it hard to believe it would get better and likely would be worse if I did something else.

With that said I don't know the 754's but I surely can say I love the sound of my Mac on the FOCUS. I did find the preamps made a difference as well so that is part of the equation.
I owned the adcom 555 then moved on to the 565 mono's. For the price they did the job however when I bought a pair of PBS stratus golds the 555 couldn't keep up. Unfortunately I had already sold the 565's. The amp would shut down (go into thermal overload) after little use at even lower volumes. I was just getting into audio so I didn't understand speaker loads and efficiencies. The stratus golds were not a good match for the adcom. I agree with Swin1 in that the bryston is overall better and I would even go further and say that the bryston is better than the adcom on the low end as we'll. I also owned several brystons and always felt they were heavy on the low end. I did have the opportunity to own a Macintosh solid state amp years ago ( can't remember the model) and it totally blew away the adcom. I remember listening to cd's and hearing detail that I had never heard with the adcom...using the same preamp, CD player and speakers.
The Adcom 565 was killer mono blocks. The company's finest mosfet amps, IMO. If you like pure solid-state, Mosfet sound, stick w/ the Adcom.
You may have already made a decision, but if not, get the Mac. I had adcom for years, just did not believe there would be much improvement for the cost. Curiosity got to me so i picked up a 352. If you can swing it, get it.