adcom 555II vs mcintosh 2255

I have the adcom I use with vanderstenn 2ce's and a rotel pre
Love the sound overall , but looking to upgrade sound staging is the mc 2255 a move in the right direction?
Thanks for your feedback. 
No.  I've had a lot of Mcintosh gear.  I liked all of it, but it wasn't the best sound I've heard. I am not an Adcom fan at all, but the original 555 was a Nelson Pass design and it was (still is) an incredible amp. From what I understand the MKII is based on that same topology.  Something you would really notice would have to be in the Threshold, Levinson, Krell, and Johnson camp. Then it may not really be much of a change depending on your music tastes and listening habits.
You don't mention your preamp.  That might be the componet that you find lacking, as it would be hard to imagine that it's your amp. 

I would go with the Adcom, as even though both these amps will drive the 2ce's easy load. If ever you change speaker to a harder to drive one, then the Adcom will drive it better than a transformer couple amp could.

Cheers George 

Thank you so much, really helpful. The pre is a new rotel. Way better than the adcom I had... (not that really great adcom pre people rave about). I had a basic one.  Thanks again.