Adcom 545 amp vs 545II

I have infinity kappa 6 speakers and am presently using a hafler dh200 amp. I am thinking of upgrading to an adcom 545 and was hoping I could get some info on 545 vs 545II comparison. my preamp is adcom 400. Thanks for any help.
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Jab is right in that you would bbe better off to get at least a 555 or 565 for a little more money, if Adcom is what you have to have.
Most try to get 250 or so for a 545, 330 or so will buy you a 555 or 565, which I knoe is a 1/3 more, but I think that much more amp, I have a 555 in the closet now, great backup when things need to be serviced etc.
Hi, Guy: I have owned the Hafler DH-200 and DH-220, as well as the Adcom 545II, 555, and 555II. I also sold Adcom gear at the time the Mark II versions were coming out. To be honest, I don't think you'll gain anything by switching from your Hafler to the Adcom 545II. As the others said above, if you are going to move to Adcom gear, then move up to the 555II, or better yet, the 5500.
Guy: don't know if you will see this follow-up, but I was thinking some more about your question. If you are going to upgrade to another amp, and something with 100-125 watts provides enough juice, then you might want to spend a bit more money and get a REALLY good amp -- the Bryston 3B-ST. There has been a used 3B-ST on sale here for $1000, and at that price it's an excellent buy. The 3B-ST has been highly rated by virtually every high-end audio mag on the planet, and it's a BIG improvement over the Adcom amps you're considering. This would be one time when spending the extra money for the 3B-ST is a sound investment, because it really will take your audio system to the next higher level of performance.