Adcom 535L upgrades?

I have an old Adcom 535L amp (60wpc) from the 1990s. It's a utility amp and actually sounds decent if a bit grainy in the mids and highs. I'm not going to try to sell it, as it doesn't promise much on the used market. 

I'm wondering if anyone has replaced caps or other key parts in their older Adcom gear and if so whether (a) it made a real difference and (b) how much it cost? 

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A good shop will bring back to like new.

    Where do you live ? A general area anyway.
great shop in Rockford, ILL. 

  THEY DO FULL RESTORE, REcapping, etc etc. great lil place. Used them twice, both experiences were good.
Shelf it hilde

I have two stacks of old Adcoms. 565s(4) 5500, 5800 7500 all work as they should.. BUT they are old.. the 5500 cost me 65 to replace all the bad caps.. There are two banks.. Not left and right one in front of the other. Main filter caps and a second set... I don't know what they are called.. They took a dump though.. Great unit, so it the 5800.

The 565s are too if you catch them before the board get messed up because of leaking caps.. darn mess.. Brain does an excellent job on 565..costly though..
@oldhvymec  What do you mean by "shelf it"? Do you mean, don't bother? $65 for caps replacement doesn't seem so bad. Please clarify -- I want to know what you think about my question! Thank you!
those amps usually seemed to have a gritty upper end. was pretty easy fix though. Add some film bypasses to the main filter caps. will cost you about 8 bucks worth of parts if you can  DIY it. Years ago, I used to do upgrades on those earlier Adcoms. The 555 was more work. Adcom put those shiny chrome plated buss bars in the amp to fool some. But the sounded thin and bright. Best thing to do was replace them with solid copper buss bars. Made an amazing improvement. 
@johnss Thanks for the suggestion. I'm probably not capable of DIY on this, but knowing what might make a difference helps a lot. Appreciate it.