Adcom 5300: too aggressive for Epos M 12s?

I've been reading up on Epos M 12 speakers, and some mentioned they can get a bit bright, so you should avoid aggressive components. Is the Adcom 5300 considered an aggressive amp? If so, any recommendations on how to temper it without spending a ton of money?
I do not consider any of the Adcom 5X00 series amps aggressive or harsh. I have a 5400 and a 5500. For the money, it should work fine.
For years, I ran EPOS 11's with an Adcom 545 power amp and Adcom 500 II tuner/preamp and they sounded great ... not harsh or aggressive sounding by any means. The EPOS house sound is not a bright sound, at least not to my ears anyway. By comparison, I find the B&W series price equivalents (300 & 600 series) to be bright sounding (treble emphasized). You may wish to experiment with the EPOS placement, as I found them very different sounding depending on placement.

Regards, Rich
I want to chime in and note that I auditioned the Epos M12.2. speakers last weekend, both with an Odyssee Stratos and a Sony EM amplifier. Those speakers were quite impressive. Warm and full, reasonable imaging, very good for the money. They sounded more 3D and present with the Odysee, but still quite good with the Sony.