Input on new Adcoms or Parasound AMPS
Well there's balanced and unbalanced.
Sorry about that, I was unclear.

Wanted to know  about the new Adom amps.
Can't tell much from all the reviews I have read.
Are Parasound better or worse??
I need a powerful Amp in thse price ranges.
The Parasound JC1+ is one of the best amplifiers ever made. Adcom does not have anything to compete with it. Having said that Adcom makes a great product for the money. I have a GFA 555 in my workshop system that has been running two pair of Mirage speakers loaded at two ohms for 30 years. It is covered in dust and god knows what else. I owes me nothing. It's matching preamp is also running flawlessly. But, I also have a pair of JC 1's driving the main system and they a just plain gorgeous. If you have the money for them then by all means. To find an amp that sounds better driving complex loads you will have to look at amps costing 3 to 4 times as much.
Thanks for the input, have 4 GFA555 as mono blocks 
Looking to update. Thank you