Adapters, RCA to XLR IC s BAT Equip.

Hello All,

Does anyone out there have the name of some very high quality adapters for IC's. I have a BAT VK5i preamp and it only has balanced connection. I want to try some mapleshade IC's but they do not Fab them in XLR configuration, only RCA. Now some of you would say move on to something else but after talking to Pierre at Mapleshade I am very intrigued and want to try them on my system, BAT VK5i/BAT VKD5SE/Bryston 4BST/Martin Logan ReQuest. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

But the BAT adapters are v. expensive.....(I think $ 150/pair). I have tow sets of the BAT adapters and also some Neutrik adapters. The Neutriks are pretty darned close IMHO, at one tenth the price.